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Drumming with our global community, will fulfill your spiritual needs to give your life a purpose, focus and flow — for free! Groovism your relaxing, calming force in our world's chaotic nature! A free gateway to gather Groove energy, globally. Please grab a drum or anything to bang on, click on a video below or add us on Facebook to relax and "get into it" with us! Drum with us. Forget past worries and have no thoughts of future concerns. Enjoy the Groove energy we are all making!

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  • About Groovism

    1. Humans have an instinct to create music.
    2. We also have the instinct to gather.
    3. Entrained gatherings or "Grooving" creates a powerful atmosphere.
    4. Drumming can ease one into meditation.
    5. Drumming stimulates many regions of the brain.
    6. Musical communications reach deeper levels.
    7. The power of millions Grooving together will be miraculous!
  • Global Vision

    1. Groovism will supply digital equipment and connection needed
    2. for uniting the global community. We will supply a digital platform
    3. in all low-tech villages, in all societies. Training of Groovemeisters,
    4. who are granted wisdom, WiFi, and drums in order to facilitate,
    5. to connect, co-create and broadcast locally organized Grooving events.
    6. Groovist will be brought together by drumming with the global community.
    7. Sponsors may get involved at anytime — host an event!
  • Mission

    1. When enough people are Grooving,
    2. for a long enough period of time
    3. miraculous things will happen to you and our world!
    4. Drumming will allow your creative intuitions to propagate our species!
    5. Every one has an inner need to beat a drum.
    6. The health benefits are extensive. The fun factors are endless.
    7. Everyone can get entrained while Grooving!
  • Purpose

    1. Individuals Grooving and Groovemeister led community events,
    2. will be asked to send good intentions to the Earth, to each other,
    3. and in unison across the planet. Your tax deductible contributions
    4. will enable us to enlighten more people to their Groovist instincts.
    5. Ultimately allowing us to extend our message to reach enough people
    6. to make a positive impact across the globe. Creating The One Groove.
    7. To get involved please — donate
  • Benefits

    1. Grooving is good for your brain
    2. Drumming will fulfill your spiritual needs
    3. Will your life a purpose, focus, and flow
    4. A free gateway for gathering Groove energy — globally
    5. Your life matters, billions of people, Grooving as One,
    6. in order for us to have the power to get miraculous!!
  • Dream Passion

    1. Everyone has dreams about their lives. We will create these miracles
    2. Getting everyone in their zone. It's believed by many,
    3. that we've been created in God's image. Our society (us Gods)
    4. has created miraculous machines and discovered amazing realities.
    5. This means you are capable of creating the needed miracles
    6. of today, as a united global front!!!
  • Entrainment

    1. Dutch physicist Christian Huygens, the inventor of the pendulum clock, introduced the concept after he noticed, in 1666, that the pendulums of two clocks mounted on a common wall had synchronized. Brainwave Entrainment refers to the brain's electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound or light.

      When the brain is given a stimulus, through the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response, called a Cortical Evoked Response. These electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become what you "see and hear." This can be measured with electrodes attached to the scalp.

      When the brain is presented with a rhythmic stimulus, such as a drum beat for example, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses. If the rhythm becomes fast and consistent enough, it can start to resemble the natural internal rhythms of the brain, called brainwaves. When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).

      FFR can be useful because brainwaves are very much related to mental state. A 10 Hz brainwave is associated with relaxtion, so a 10 Hz sound pattern would help reproduce the relaxed state in your brain. Entrainment is a principle of physics. It is defined as the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles. The principles of entrainment appear in chemistry, neurology, biology, pharmacology, medicine, astronomy and more.
  • Benefits

    1. Brainwave entrainment has become a popular alternative therapy by which people have attempted to treat psychological illnesses, increase their cognitive function, and willfully alter their state of consciousness. Historically people have utilized brainwave entrainment to help treat insomnia, reduce stress, and enhance meditation practices.

      The specific benefits and claims from this technology are often disputed and considered scientifically questionable. One problem is that there are few experiments that have utilized brainwave entrainment for the purpose of treating a specific psychological ailment. The experiments that have been conducted are largely backed by corporations that sell the software; hence it could be speculated that there are conflicts of interest.

      It is important to take an objective look at published scientific evidence to determine whether brainwave entrainment is an effective treatment for certain conditions and/or symptoms. Most preliminary evidence suggests that while the technology will not cure any condition, it may be a successful adjunct treatment when used carefully with the proper protocol.

      Not only do certain brain wave rhythms get strengthened as a result of entrainment, but a dominant frequency band results in a different state of awareness. Those that have used a quality brainwave entrainment product can vouch for the fact that their perception is altered by their brain waves. Not only could this be due to brainwave changes, but it may be a result of increased inter-hemispheric communication. More


Unexplainable, but consciously achievable, when we are all entrained with The One Groove, amazing things will become understood and coincidences will begin to happen, as we come together in our zone! Your tax deductible donations will allow us to bring the needed equipment, technology, and computer skills to all cultures and societies Groovism will equip Groovemeisters to do this. We will enlighten individuals, around the world, insuring that all people will Groove, one drum at a time.


We would like to setup Groovemeisters with the ability to broadcast their drumming events, supplies and etc. We would like to invite people from other countries and circles to contribute with their Facebook Live, YouTube Channel and other pre-recorded sessions - which will be made available to all Groovists. We would like to request that each Groovemeister, take up responsibility for insuring the broadcast of their Groove. This includes sharing a little about the area they are from, their culture, the ceremonies, why they are drumming, the type of drums they are using, and general musical information.

Ken Elkind


Ken’s first paid performance took place at the age of 8. Since then he has continued to perform on a wide variety of stages, studios and venues. Although Ken primarily teaches percussion, he has studied music theory and has years of rehearsal experience, along with many other performances under his belt. In Los Angeles, Ken studied drums with Kay Carlson. She taught playing varieties of genres and reading different types of drum music. This has allowed Ken to teach a variety of instruments. Read more.

More information about Groovism founder, Ken Elkind, and his vision can be found under Groovism Theology.


Becoming a true Groovist will entail much more than simply logging onto the site and drumming along. The facts of Groovism involve the belief that all people can and will give their Groove energy to assist in obtaining an epiphany. In order to make this happen, many people of strength, veracity, compassion, giving, and caring individuals, will be needed. By being a veracious Groovist, one can benefit humanity as well as themselves by often becoming entrained in The One Groove. If you feel called to be a Groovemeister, please fill out the details below and select your level of interest.



Find inner peace while Grooving with us — it's FREE! All people can now relax, gather, and create, an instinctual beat, as part of the global community. For anybody in need of Groove - Select a Groove type below that will get you flowing in your zone. !


Check out our video archives of past Grooves. Click on the image below to view and entrain your brain.


The population of planet Earth Grooving along to One Groove, will create the spiritual combination of unseen Groove energy, with the known facts of gatherings Grooving. These facts point to the necessity of our newly acknowledged: global community, to Groove.


As all other communities have, our global community is in need of Grooving together. The calm this instigates will become transcending. When enough people are Grooving together for a long enough period of time miraculous coincidences will begin to be noticed. From small coincidences to evolutionary miracles, all things will be possible with this energy, that is invisible, yet instinctively known by all. This known “Groove energy” has had every human society gathering and Grooving

Current Location: Phoenix, AZ
Gateway to gathering Groove energy globally.


Empower your faith with our gatherings, creating positive energy around the world.

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Groove Esteem Builders: Select your Groove need for the moment, enjoy Grooving with us as often as you like.

Community Service: Our outreach programs help us bring the Groove to life 24/7 around the world.

Local Drum Circles: Large gatherings Grooving as One. Connected with the global community.

Ken Elkind

Founder and Groovist
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Event and Website Manager
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