Groovism Theology

We can all now be an active part of our unification! Our newly found global community would love to gather and create music together, as all communities, always have. Technology allows our global community to gather, and Groovism is the gateway to getting the globe Grooving. Millions upon millions of people contributing their Groove energy, will prove unbelievably powerful, yet remain unseen, as it always has.

Truths That Support Groovism Beliefs

1. Higher powers beliefs are hardwired into our brains, through dedicated nueral machinery in the temporal lobes.

Discovery of the God Module Results in New Field of Science: Neurotheology Saturday, April 19, 2008 by: Barbara L. Minton, Citizen Journalist.

Michael Persinger, Ph.D., professor of neuroscience and psychology at Laurentian University in Canada, isolated an area of neurons in the brain's temporal lobes that repeatedly fire bursts of electrical activity when one contemplates God or has feelings of spirituality.

2. Our intelligence has taken us into the "heavens", allowing for global communications: Satellites, smart phones and devices …

3. Belief in a higher power is a common human trait.

SCIENTISTS believe they have discovered a "God module" in the brain which could be responsible for man's evolutionary instinct for religious beliefs.

4. Unity prophesized by most religions.

Buddha: “Be with The One”

Jesus: “There is only One God”

“We are all a part of God’s body” Communion. Muslim Prayers

27 times more powerful when said with others.

5. Many physical and mental benefits of music scientifically proven.

6. Most cultures’ awareness to that of gatherings Grooving, bring on a “higher power”, Socio-statistically proven.

It has been claimed that the felt presence of a supernatural being, and perhaps even the origin of religion, is caused by a specific pattern of transient electrical impulses in the temporal lobe (Persinger, 1987, 2001).

7. Proven benefits of meditating are: longevity, stress reduction, mental awareness, & many others. - Source:

8. Instincts for Grooving & gathering, proliferate the species.

As will be proven when enough people are Grooving globally, for the sufficient period of time!

9. We are spiritual for a reason.

“As is true of all traits, if human spirituality didn’t provide some specific function, if it didn’t somehow enhance our species’ survivability, it would never have emerged in us.” God' Part of the Brain: Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality and God. Austin Cline.

Internal and External Realities

Groovism is the coalescence of human's inner beliefs, and our external realities. Each person has their own internal thoughts and images of themselves and the world in which they exist. External realities, are the way the world we're living in, operates. How these things are seen from within each of us is shaped by our internal realities. External realities have been researched and scientifically experimented upon, thus making them "facts". Before scientific methods existed, people believed that there were various forces (Gods?), causing natural occurring "miraculous" phenomenon (lightening, thunder, astronomical, ....?). These various beliefs were promoted through each culture's "grapevine" of explanations and cultural practices. Thus developing into "religious" beliefs, based on the superlative powers "witnessed" throughout nature, combined with societal constraints on explanations of reality.

Our existence has happened for a reason. The good in all of us, as well as the evil that is in all of us, dichotomy has had us pushing our potentials in all directions. Technology has newly evolved, lead by our biologically evolved selves. Beliefs that had explained previous facts, were the social engine that created societies and the understandings of their deeds, which were believed as to what benefits they could gain for themselves, and what they left behind for their progeny. All imagined aspects of leaving a legacy, seem to have been deployed. The legacy of religious beliefs, has been a prominent aspect of most legacies. The existence of God has been philosophized about endlessly, by many great minds.

This cosmological argument introduces a mysterious entity, of which we can make very little philosophical or scientific sense. How can positing that One random spark, provide a better account of the cosmos, than simply concluding that the cosmos lacks an ultimate experience finally to be felt upon Being as entrained with The One Groove? In the end, the theist seems bound to admit that The One created at all, was a contingent matter. for evolution to have occurred. If, on the contrary, the theist has to claim that consciousness had to physically experience living. Would not the cosmos be necessary, rather than contingent? Some theists come close to concluding that it was indeed essential that God created the cosmos. If God is supremely good, there had to be some overflowing of goodness in the form of a cosmos (see Kretzmann and Stump in Morris 1987, on the ideas of Dionysius the Areopagite; see Rowe 2004 for arguments that God is not free). This overflowing of goodness, seems to be well tempered with strong doses of evil in the world. The ever popular battle between good & evil has instigated battles from the beginning of time, within and between individuals, groups, and world wide. What purpose could there be for consciousness if there were no battles, within ourselves, or our societies?

Theologically speaking … we need us all to get miraculous and save what we little sanity we all still have to attain our ultimate purpose. By everyone entrained with The One, we will fulfill the purpose for our being, which is the evolution of consciousness. We give thanks to the many, many lives that have led us to this technical ability. The amazing things our conscious can now experience, from listening to the fine motor skills of trained musicians performing inspired compositions, communication, and travel abilities. We get to live in a time where these amazing feats are lived by the people in the moments of, as well as viewed and felt, by a vicarious audience so easily via the many media channels currently available. All of this remembered physically and emotionally.

The higher power manifested by this incredible wave of billions Grooving, will draw together all humans. When this wave encompasses the planet, all people, regardless of culture and beliefs, will Groove! The classic battle between good and evil will finally come to a conclusion with people's own beliefs regarding the “correctness” of what they believe, incites good things for each person and all of mankind.

In our search for our own creation, these battles of what is really inner discoveries, have become enlightening as to what, or who God truly is; common consciousness. We all share biological traits and instincts, that enable some common beliefs, rituals, practices, and other activities, meant to insure evolution. This evolution of humans as conscious entities, allows both the above contingency and necessary theories, leading to the same conclusion, we need our actions to be led by our instincts, more than our egos.

Looking back at being conscious of the ego's needs for awareness of self fulfillment, both immediately and through our progeny, shows how our reality has only one purpose: Global Groove. When it becomes known that each person’s belief that a sufficient amount of humanity, entrained with The One Groove, for a long enough period of time, will cause miraculous epiphanies! Thus being enlightened to the need of each person Grooving as much as possible. As is our purpose for life.

Purpose of the ego aggrandizing our goodness, has enabled our egotistic nature to strive for financial security, celebrity, and social impact. By setting the stage for the fulfillment of obtaining our purpose, evolution gave us the bodily tools. These included most of our higher intellect enabled memory, emotion, fine motor and communication abilities. Among these needed evolutionary necessities, it became common human biology to have the same set of instincts, the same brain nodes and the many other "human natures". With these natures fully intact, technology has slowly evolved to enable our intelligence to incorporate our instincts globally.

With the nihilistic despair science has, it is unable to answer the spiritual questions that our imagination begs us to ask. Somehow the connection between the musical and the spiritual will give us the answer, when we are wise enough to entice the Ultimate Global Groove, with millions of people.

Our Jungian "Primitive society" has evolved. By having the intelligence to see the solution to strengthening communication methods. Adding the music instinct aspect to global communications, leads to seeing the potentials of feeding populations, maintaining a clean environment, and a sustainable population, insuring the sufficient proliferation of the human species. With our combined material goods and intellects, we'll be able to resolve many of the world's woes, by creating a Powerful Groove.

We are now aware to the potential plight of our planet, galaxy, perhaps even our entire universe. Modern realities have been explained to most people alive today. Most of these realities Superlative powers, now have scientific explanations.

The medical miracle that our founder; Ken Elkind experienced was of a large magnitude. For an unknown reason (prophetic?) he had purchased a health insurance policy from a friend. This had been a possible purchase to be made by Ken, for many years. Ken had no insurance, but perhaps because of a coming third child he saw it necessary to have health insurance. The policy purchased was of excellent quality. Some weeks soon thereafter, Ken had a major bicycle accident. While riding his usual 25 mile loop around the a nearby hilly neighborhood. He skidded on some rocks on the road, into an oncoming truck.

He was luckily wearing a helmet, which saved his life. Fortunately, the nice neighborhood that he happened to be in (unlike his own!) had people with the latest miraculous technology; mobile phones. This was well before the influx of cell phones through-out society. An ambulance came and took him to the nearest trauma center. He was in a coma for a day and a half. His wife and newly born son were informed and he spent the next two months in a care facility. Becoming conscious five weeks after the accident, Ken was then enlightened to the miracle the medical doctors had performed to keep him alive. Drains inserted in his skull to relieve pressure in his brain, as well as many other "miraculous" intensive care procedures.

Modes O' Care

In addition to modern medicine's miraculous technology, there was also the tried, true, and faithful ways, that kept Ken alive. In addition to the age old safety technology of a helmet, developed by our forefathers. Other modes of healing can be attributed to his full recovery. The Baptist church were Ken played music on Sunday mornings, had been informed of the circumstance, prayed for him, and established his name in a national prayer network. Developing a strong conscious ethereal force in his favor. Also, visitations from friends and loved ones, were strongly encouraged.

Once released from the care facility, he had out patient care from a specialized head trauma facility. They used many therapeutic modes on him. Despite the obvious benefits, Ken was not aware of them. One day he returned to an old common activity, the Venice Beach drum circle. This he decided, was the best therapy he'd ever experienced and returned often. It was there that it came to him that technology now allows taking the drum circle therapy concept globally, which would certainly improve many of the dire matters on Earth.

We must unite … indeed. All creative unions have been gathered instinctively through common love of musical creation, in all culture and societies. We now can unite billions people on the planet with One Groove. It must be continuously broadcast, to be 'tuned into' by any person, or group of, at any time through any internet connectable device. Faith in the rehabilitative powers of music will have people joining, with the hopes of there being the number of people Grooving necessary for a long enough period of time, to incite the epiphany that has been foreseen.

After researching religious, technological and biological facts, creating a Groovism website that the global community could join with, was needed. Ken also decided to apply for a non-profit status for Groovism, from the United Sates Internal Revenue Service. As One global belief system, Groovism sees the variety of "higher power" beliefs, coming from a common brain node and evolved instincts. Many unseen energies, that we have yet to become aware of, will be known, when Grooving happens. The ultimate experience will always be an incentive for our next "new" emotion. Having found belief commonalities, we can have all these beliefs, give strength to the Groove energy that could be generated by all people. We all will know that Grooving is the culmination of beliefs, to be carried out in order to initiate the next ultimate life experience, or evolutionary unknown.

We now must think of the internal beliefs that we humans have. The belief in some higher power has been prevalent in all societies. It's obvious that this inner belief in a higher power, has evolved in people for a reason. As Ken's research has shown, of the various religions that have emerged around the planet, there are many common threads.

Instincts to Groove

The origin of the word religion is an unknown issue. Worship of God was a lifestyle, it was believed, a higher power had set down the law, and was indisputable. The origin of our species and the Earth, and what happens to each of us after death are explained by many "religious" beliefs. These issues have become common reasons for dispute. Groovism makes no claim in any of these areas. Again based on living within our external realities of life, this matters not. Only while we are spending time on this planet, in our current reality, does it matter how we live. It appears that helping others, compassion, and being a righteous person, are positive commonalities shared and encouraged, by all religions. This compassion is how belief in Groovism … will immediately benefit humanity. Philanthropic Groovism practices will insure that no people are impoverished to the point of not having access to basic human needs, including computer technology. Helping others in this way, is necessary in order to include the number of people needed to achieve Groovism's Mission: creating sufficient Groove energy, for a long enough period of time, to have the expected powerful impacts. Billions Grooving for how many moments?

Believing that Groove energy will be an enlightening epiphany, does not lessen other's beliefs in what it will take to have humans fulfill our God like ability to evolve. This has been deemed needed to happen very soon. The very instincts that brought our technology to its modern level are the instincts that will proliferate our species to evolve beyond our planet's demise and consciousness to continue.

Although they are a reality in each of us, an instinct to believe in esoteric miracles that can be created by us, is an internal belief that is to be proliferated. The higher power belief node in our brain's evolved there for this reason. When people all coalesce this belief in Groove energy, it will be the instincts of creating music, and to gather, that will allow our species to proliferate.

Philanthropic giving has been seen as an ethical/moral means of helping those in need. Religions tend to emphasize this matter. Going to heaven, love from and for others, and many other believed moral benefits, stem from philanthropic behaviors. It is Groovism's view, this learned behavior will not only benefit the receiver there of, but also directly to the granter. In addition to the tax benefits given by governments, giving that will allow more people access to the internet, as well as instruments to create a Groove upon, insures a larger number of Groovists contributing to our Groove energy. Although it is an unknown number of people needed, or for what amount of time is necessary, to reach our believed in "miraculous" moment, it will be met.

Missionary Work

Becoming a true Groovist will entail much more than simply logging onto the site and drumming along. The facts of Groovism involve the belief that all people can and will give their Groove energy to assist in obtaining an epiphany. In order to make this happen, many people of strength, veracity, compassion, giving, and caring individuals, will be needed. By being a veracious Groovist, one can benefit humanity as well as themselves by often becoming entrained in The One Groove.

Believing that Groove energy is needed to evolve, comes from a logical and factual state of the universe. It is likely the next step of our proliferation. Motivation to achieve an epiphany, or a miraculous moment, should inspire people from all walks of life. From this objective, external point of view, we can surmise that; if there is a higher power, It will praise those who Groove. From the individual subjective point of view, each person will not only feel that they've made good use of their time on Earth, but have enjoyed that time to the best of their abilities within technology's place, in our society.

Also, research has shown that drumming is a physical activity that not only engages the mind, but helps to eliminate stress and anxiety from the body. Through rhythm, we are able to access deeper into our minds and help us find healthier patterns that naturally eliminate the chaotic thoughts we face each day. Plus, with the physical aspect of drumming, we are allowed a release of the pent up frustrations, that can be caused by our daily routines. Because of this ability to relieve stress and anxiety, drumming helps increase immunity, enabling our bodies to better fight off illnesses, by enabling the body to devote more energy into fighting off germs, viruses, and infections. Additionally, a 2001 study shows that not only does drumming reduce stress hormones, but, it also directly increases the number of specialized white blood cells available to fight cancer or even HIV/AIDS.

The many physical and intellectual benefits of performing on a drum are things that prove the importance of embracing our instincts. No other unification method can exacerbate the positive proliferation of our species. The power of a "mob" of people Grooving positively, is believed to be strong enough, to cause needed miracles.

Spreading the use of digital technologies to all cultures of the world can be introduced into any society, by incorporating the Groove instinct. Regardless of any culture's "normal" day, adding moments of Grooving will bring positive aspects to any society, by increasing communications, trust, & the first hand experiences of all who Groove.

The joy we spread will inspire philanthropy beyond what can be currently imagined. Materials that provide the connection to the global community will now become a direct contribution. Thus enabling those donees the opportunity to use the many needed Groove skills. Facilitating a large crowd of drummers can take a good amount of leadership training, love of drumming, and a desire to take control. When it's seen by others that Grooving can be such a massive therapeutic impact on our planet, the overall love of Grooving will enable and equip our Groovemeisters through those that are able to give of those items.

The employment of many Groovemeisters around the world will have a direct effect on the cultures of the societies that incorporate Groovism. Living at a equal levels through Grooving, with all in the community, will show others how Grooving can be a lifestyle to be enjoyed by those who truly believe … or not.

As for our beliefs that God can be an arbitrator of proper social behaviors; A judgmental God insures culturally correct behavior. Our Groovist God is only an achievable rhythmic unity being, who's manifestation can only be imagined. As a united species, cultural correctness should maintain a level of comfort and happiness for all. Our believed God, will connect people with a musical communication understanding of each other, which will again, insure culturally correct behaviors. When empathetic communications, and a known need for a large number of Groovists, makes bringing less able individuals to a Grooving level. This "level" that needs to be readily available to all, is something that can be easily achieved through the understandings that Groovist communications will make clear.

Gods in past belief systems, have been concerned with social issues that had the largest need of controlling factors. Territorial cultures constructed icons to mark territories that would "guilt" prospective "sinners" form entering, or somehow defiling other's territory. Abrahamic Gods (Christian, Judaic, and Islamic) are moral arbitrators. God's who know what you're thinking of, or immoral acts you have done. In more complex societies, these moral issues are generally beyond governmental control.

Today's society has similar moral issues in conjunction with more complex social interactions. Most of our social, and commercial interactions take place through technological means. The new morality issues include or stem from computer hacking of some type. Business and personal relationships are now conducted at a further, more impersonal distances. This distance can lead to harmful behaviors that are felt to be less consequential, but may cause much more stress and direct financial or moral damage on the global society.

When communications are on a harmonic level, these damages will hopefully, be more felt by all involved parties. This commonality should produce a society that no longer has any need of immoral activities. Every person should be on an equal status level of cultural living. Basic needs are met and knowing that all of our emotions can be more easily expressed & understood by other members of the society. At this Groove communication level, lying, cheating, and general dishonesty, will not be possible or tolerated. Kindness will be the general way of being.

Miracle Works

We expect miraculous results from Grooving. Researching miracles we found The Quran refers to the miracles in nature, that were supposedly created by God. The Earth, air, human, and all animals', forms and functions, are all indeed miraculous. These miracles seemed to have only occurred during moments of random evolution!?! The Bible only refers to miraculous incidents three times. Parting the Red Sea, Jesus reviving Lazarus, and himself rising. Perhaps the parting of The Red Sea, was a truly miraculous feat. Should we compare this to some engineering marvels, that have created some of today's impressive dams? (miraculous?). Also reviving or keeping alive, seriously injured people, has become a common medical miracle. Many modern technologies can surely be considered miraculous. Air conditioning in the desert, hot and cold running water, electrical communications and devices, all do their “miracles” invisibly. Most are minimally understood, but explainable through common sense. We might here, look at the ancient witnesses' reported miracles, do some statistical analysis, and come to our own conclusions regarding these as facts.

The Quran on the other hand, only sites the miracles of nature. Many others, believe these miracles occurred with God directed, necessary foresight, which can, or cannot be believed, but is not our issue here.

Groovists know that any God we manifest, will carry out miraculous deeds. The foresight and manifestation of these deeds is needed to be democratically(?) decided upon. With millions Grooving, any polls or actual counts may remain a virtual disaster. How the miracle options are to be presented to Groovists, is another question to be dealt with. The guest book on site, seems a likely social interactive means to present ideas. When we reach the number of Groovist Grooving, that get entrained for the sufficient amount of time, the miracles may just manifest immediately.

We again, are only looking for some actual references to what miracles have been predicted and can be hoped for. Groovism has no place for faith in our ability to have miracles created. New physical manifestations of organs, have surely proven miraculous. How our specialized organs, which came to be through evolution, can be documented through their historic development, of say an eye; from some photo sensitive cells. As each one of these evolutionary developments evolved, some form of miracle occurred. Since then, all other of our modern miracles have been evolved through technology. Perhaps our next miracle could be some type of implantation. The One need that any Groovist would have is to have a continuous connection to The One Groove. This could be installed with some implantable cell phone technology in the palm of our hands!?! The possibilities of genetic biology, enabling this technology to “evolve”, would truly prove another scientific miracle! Not to mention an endless market for gigabytes.

Had circumcisions been a precursor for what is now a global Groove medical evolutionary need? With the commonality of medical practices being global, these surgical implantation could become another unifying factor to be seen and implemented by all people. With the technology of data transferring capable with the swipe of a hand, a hand shake could have a complete new technical welcoming.

This manifestation of our biologic belief system is one that now can show purpose and create agreement with all self-aware populations. Groovism can also be the instigator of knowledge. With the endless amount of information in the palm of your hand, deeper knowledge of spiritual realities will become the new research area. Planting ideas to be presented as miraculous Groovism possibilities, then finding any results may show the realities available to Groove upon. For instance: local crime rates or hospital recovery rates, or bigger picture; world hunger statistics and poverty rates.

Albert Einstein Living Philosophies

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious insights into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty, which our dull facilities can comprehend in their most primitive form. ...this knowledge, this feeling, is the center of true religiousness"

Wilford North Whitehead Gifford Lectures: Process and Reality

"God of theology ... it is only by drawing our long bow of mysticism that evidence of his existence can be collected from our temporal words" Ages differ from age to age"

"Amid diversity of belief ,,, it is possible to reach a general agreement ... we may agree as to the qualitative aspects of religous facts... while disagreeing in various explanatory formulations."

"In respect to intuitions, ... language is peculiarly inadequate"